Our story.

TradeSpace was designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We understand that running a business can be challenging because we have been there too. One of the biggest barriers and risk for an entrepreneur is a long term lease. Whether it’s warehouse space or office space, getting locked-in to a contract is scary. At the same time, as your business grows, you need the flexibility to scale. That’s flexibility in space for your materials, inventory and team. We created TradeSpace for entrepreneurs like ourselves, a space to work-store-collaborate and to build a thriving community.

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TradeSpace was designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

TradeSpace has reimagined how a traditional warehouse is utilized. We strive to introduce the innovative concept of networking and collaboration. Not only do we give our members a place to work but we place them into a brand new network.

We grow as our membership grows. This provides our members with the flexibility to scale their businesses without the worry of pricey overhead or long-term leases. We care deeply for our members’ success so we do our best to provide the right tools for every business that enters our door to thrive. We want TradeSpace to be the best place for businesses to hang their shingle.

Our promise

TradeSpace is dedicated to providing a space where independent contractors and small businesses don’t just survive – but thrive! We do this by connecting our members with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, leading to an array of opportunities for growth.

Our goals

We are always looking for new ways to improve how growing companies do business. We do this by optimizing co-working, reimagining networking and collaborating strategically.

Using these methods, we aim to introduce an innovative concept of collaboration and networking. When we empower Canada’s growing businesses, we empower the nation’s entire economy.

Our core

Everything we do is centred around how we can help our members achieve their goals.





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