A peek into TradeSpace with Avenue Magazine

Maddie Medina
April 7, 2021

TradeSpace was featured on Avenue Magazine’s website in late 2019 with photos showcasing the space and a deep dive into what makes it different from other co-working spaces in Calgary.

Avenue Magazine approached TradeSpace to see if it would be of interest to them and of course it was! This was an exciting experience because it was the first time TradeSpace was featured on a big news website like it. 

At the time of the article’s release TradeSpace was only home to 36 businesses with 120 members. Membership at TradeSpace has doubled since then. The article notes that the majority of members from construction and manufacturing businesses. Now TradeSpace is home to many ecommerce businesses.

It was a great way to get some content for social media as well as generate a buzz around the brand. Since it was so new at the time, not too many people had heard of TradeSpace before. 

The opportunity to have professional photos taken and be featured on the site was great. Thanks to the article, people were calling and booking tours to see the space.

Thanks to the micro-economy of TradeSpace, a significant amount of contracts and collaboration has occurred among the members.

Take a look at the article here.

Learn more about TradeSpace.