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Our growth story.

Dive into TradeSpace's growth story, a testament to our continuous progress and commitment to providing tailored workspaces for businesses of all sizes.

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The origin of TradeSpace.

Our story is rooted in practicality and collaboration. Co-founders, Daniel Delgado and Jordan Tetreau, both with backgrounds in construction, recognized a gap in the market. They saw a need for a space that transcended the norms of traditional co-working environments. Their vision was clear: to create a shared workspace in Calgary that not only fosters collaboration but also provides the practicality of a warehouse for storage – a solution for businesses that needed more than just a desk.

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Canada's First
Embarking on uncharted territory, TradeSpace began with an ambitious 10,000 square feet of space – a blank canvas with endless possibilities. This pioneering step was taken with a blend of optimism and uncertainty. We ventured into this journey without a clear roadmap: no predefined pricing strategy, no established employee structure, and no concrete playbook. It was a leap of faith, driven by the belief that if we build it, they will come.

This initial 10,000 square feet was all about learning, adapting, and innovating on the fly. We were not just building a co-warehouse; we were defining a whole new industry paradigm. Every challenge we faced was an opportunity to refine our model, to better understand the needs of our clients, and to solidify our vision.
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In just five years, TradeSpace has remarkably expanded to 200,000 square feet across three Calgary locations, proudly serving nearly 166 members. This growth isn't just a number—it's a reflection of our deep commitment to our community's evolving needs.

Our journey from a daring 10,000 square feet to a thriving network of spaces has earned us numerous recognitions and awards, symbolizing our success in reshaping collaborative work environments. Each member and every square foot added encapsulate our ethos of innovation and collective progress.

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain focused on nurturing an ecosystem where businesses and creativity flourish. TradeSpace is more than a shared warehouse space—it's where collaboration, growth, and success intersect.
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Substantial Growth
Up Next:
Across Canada
& The USA
TradeSpace is poised for a strategic expansion, first across Canada and then into the USA. Our ambition is rooted in our mission: to enable the full potential of our members. This expansion is more than just a physical growth; it's about creating a diverse, opportunity-rich community. We aim to replicate our proven Canadian model, delivering innovative, adaptable workspaces that meet the unique needs of businesses throughout North America.

Our vision is clear – to build a network of spaces workspaces where collaboration and innovation are limitless, and where each member is empowered to succeed. This expansion offers a distinct opportunity for strategic partners and key stakeholders to engage in a dynamic, evolving community. At TradeSpace, we're not just growing in size; we're building an environment ripe for professional growth and career advancement. Our commitment to nurturing the potential and growth of our members sets the stage for those who aspire to build a strong, impactful career. We welcome like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision to join us in this exciting journey of expansion and innovation.
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Celebrating excellence:

TradeSpace's Growth Through Recognition and Awards.

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Calgary Chamber 2023 connectFirst Small Business of the Year Award
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2022 Top Choice Award
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Calgary Chamber 2021 Helcim Emerging Growth Award
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CanadianSME’s 2020 Small Business Award
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Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 class of 2020


Our Team's Journey at TradeSpace.

Discover the inspiring stories of our management team: two dynamic individuals whose professional journeys at TradeSpace exemplify our commitment to cultivating talent from within.

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Valeria Rodriguez:

From Intern to Operations Manager.
In late 2020, Valeria Rodriguez joined TradeSpace while still a university student, embarking on her professional journey as an intern. Exposed to various facets of the business, Valeria quickly learned through hands-on experiences, pinpointing her passion for operations. Post-graduation, she transitioned from an intern to an Operations Specialist, ensuring seamless day-to-day operations and streamlining processes. Valeria's growth continued as she stepped into the role of Operations Manager, leading the entire operations team and executing the company's strategies. Her progression reflects both personal development and TradeSpace's dedication to nurturing talent within our ranks.

Tyler warner:

From Sales Representative to Revenue Manager.
When Tyler Warner first encountered TradeSpace, he was seeking a career change, yearning to be part of something impactful and personally fulfilling. Joining TradeSpace provided Tyler with exposure to diverse areas of the business, allowing him to interact with members from various industries. This immersive experience became a cornerstone of his career development, propelling him from handling inquiries and memberships to leading a team. Tyler finds inspiration in the daily work of building a thriving business with boundless opportunities. His journey underscores TradeSpace's commitment to providing a platform for career growth and meaningful contributions.
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