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TradeSpace is dedicated to providing a space where independent contractors and small businesses don’t just survive – but thrive! We do this by connecting our members with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, leading to an array of opportunities for growth.

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Designed for construction businesses to thrive.


Our concept is built on the power of networking and collaboration bringing Calgarian contractors, makers, and inventors. There are ample opportunities to partner with other members of the community for projects.

Secure Storage

Your equipment, materials, and tools are safe in our warehouse. Our warehouse is under 24/7 surveillance and we have uniformed security guards patrolling nightly.


What sets TradeSpace apart from other warehouses is that we offer month-to-month billing solutions. You are not locked into your space. This makes it easy to scale your warehouse space as your business grows.

See Why Shanahen from blue ribbon says

“TradeSpace was by far the best option we found for space. They've been a key to our organizational growth”

Plus a ton of other services that allow you to focus on your business.

Shipping and receiving
24/7 Access
Forklift service
Concierge service
Free Wi-Fi
Speciality coffee and teas
Meeting rooms

Join Calgary’s top construction businesses who have found the community-focused and cost-effective solution to scale and grow.

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We’ve been with Tradespace now for about a year and we can't say enough good things! They are really flexible with warehousing options which has helped us a ton during these uncertain times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there electricity?

There is electricity throughout the warehouse however some companies have special requirements. We will have our electrician provide a quote for you.

Can my field team have access?

Yes they can. We do have a per head cost of $50 after four team members.

Are we able to load and unload vans/trucks in the warehouse?

Yes, depending on where your space in the warehouse is.

Will we only have access to the warehouse?

You will receive access to shared amenities in addition to the warehouse space.
This includes specialty coffees, kitchen area, and printing.

Do you offer long-term solutions?

Yes, we do! Our co-warehouse is home to over 80 businesses and we would be happy to help your business find a permanent solution.

We have a big shipment coming in and will need assistance with unloading. Is there a forklift available?

Yes. For the safety of our members and the space, only certified TradeSpace employees are allowed to operate the forklift. The forklift is available to book and we can assist with loading and unloading.

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