2360 Portland Street SE Calgary, AB

Flexible Warehouse Rental in SE Calgary.

Tailored spaces, amenities, and comprehensive solutions for your business's growth journey. Join our vibrant community and embrace the convenience of month-to-month leasing.

warehouse space for lease

Our Spaces.

warehouse for storage

Warehouse Rentals.

Whether you need a self-operated or managed warehouse space for rent to grow your operations or to store equipment, materials, or inventory, we can customize any warehouse spaces best suited for your business.

100 - 10,000+ sqft warehouse spaces for rent

Self or managed solutions

Short and long term warehouse solutions (storage or operations) available

Adjust your space effortlessly to accommodate changing needs

Heated warehouse

Amenities included

office space for rent near me

Office Rentals.

An ideal coworking space in Calgary for expanding your solo or small business. Perfect to collaborate with the whole team in a quiet, dedicated space just for you.

Rent a large to small sized office for teams of 1-6 people

Reliable Wi-Fi network

Amenities included

Fully managed facility

Business address and mailbox

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Why TradeSpace.


All in-one

Get the right combination of warehouse and office space for rent with all the services and amenities your business needs to thrive.

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Surround yourself with ambitious go-getters in a shared warehouse space. Together you’ll learn, fall, rise up, celebrate and win.



Committing to a month-to-month space solution for warehouse and office lease makes it easy for your business to scale and grow at any time.

Meet our TradeSpace SE team.

Jonathan Poole

Warehouse Associate

Jonathan ensures smooth day to day warehouse operations, maintains its pristine condition for members and visitors, and provides services, like forklift & labor.


Melissa Luu

Community Assistant

Member management and day to day operations.


What our members
 are saying  about us.

A pleasure to be a part of and incredibly helpful with the growth of our business.

TradeSpace was by far the best option we found for space. They've been a key to our organizational growth.

Having TradeSpace as a partner helps alleviate concerns for start-up businesses.

Frequentlyasked questions.

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Where is your warehouse located?

Our warehouse is conveniently located at 2360 Portland Street SE Calgary, AB

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

We are flexible and offer month-to-month billing which makes it easy for your business to scale and grow. You are not required to sign a long term contract to become a member.

What kind of products are eligible for shipping?

We work with many industries and can ship almost any item! As long as they are not on our restricted list.

The following items are NOT eligible for delivery through TradeSpace’s program, no exceptions: Any explosive such as dynamite, fireworks, signal flares, ammunition or detonators. Any gases such as butane, fire extinguishers, lighters or compressed gas. Any flammable liquid such as solvents, perfumes, aftershaves, paint, ethanol, methanol or acetone. Any toxic substance such as drugs, dyes, infectious diseases, herbicides, pesticides or bodily fluids. Any radioactive material. Corrosive items such as acids, battery acid, paint remover, rust remover, oven cleaners, disinfectants or soda lime. No flammable solids such as lithium batteries, magnesium, matches, sodium, fuel tablets, fire starters, calcium or nitrocellulose products.

What are the hours I will have access to my space?

Members have 24/7 access to their space.

Can I drive the forklift to load/ unload my shipments?

For the safety of our members and the space, only certified TradeSpace employees are allowed to operate the forklift. The forklift is available to book and we can assist with loading and unloading.

Can I put a space on hold until I am ready?

We cannot guarantee a certain space so if you have a space you would like to secure, please get in touch!

What are the options if I require a different amount of space?

The flexibility of month to month billing allows you to scale up or scale down accordingly. Let our sales team know and they will be able to accommodate any changes needed to your space.