What is TradeSpace’s order fulfillment?

If you have an online store or are looking for somewhere safe to manually process orders, our co-warehouse is the right space to fulfill. TradeSpace can serve as your fulfillment hub for all of Western Canada. Work among other ecommerce and distribution businesses. Hands on or hands off we provide a customized fulfillment process for every business.

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Fulfillment & delivery.

Your customers will get their product the same day they ordered it  (Calgary Only for now).

We’re conveniently located in SouthEast Calgary so your customers all over the city can be taken care of. We’re making last mile delivery accessible for everyone which is key in this ever changing world.

TradeSpace is an ally to small businesses. We work with smaller companies that need a partner in the warehouse that cares about their business but need the speed, reliability, and cost benefit of a larger company.

When the businesses in our community grow, we grow too.TradeSpace is Canada’s first co-warehousing community. We provide on-demand warehouse and office space to over 60 businesses in light manufacturing and e-commerce distribution sectors.

We integrate with your favourite platforms

It’s easy to get started

Store your items in our co‑warehouse



Orders come through your online system or whatever platform used to receive your orders


Last mile delivery. We pick, pack, and deliver your order. We make sure it safely gets to your customers

Shipping across Canada?

We are able to leverage competitive shipping rates with some of the most popular carriers.

Early adopters

We care about small business and we care about your success






Before we used TradeSpace’s delivery service I was spending so much time and money trying to make deliveries myself. Since we joined, I’ve been able to spend more time working on my business! I feel at ease knowing our product is in good hands.

Giovanna Serauto
Founder, Fitwave

TradeSpace has helped us immensely by delivering some of our orders. We always have so many boxes that need to go out and it’s nice to have the reliable help.

Patrick Nguyen
Alberta Manager, TruLocal

Frequently asked questions

Where is your warehouse located?

Our warehouse is conveniently located at 4030 8 St SE in the Highfield area of Calgary.

Is my business the right fit for TradeSpace order fulfillment?

TradeSpace specializes in order fulfillment for small businesses. We serve as an ally to your business. If you have any questions about your products and how we can help you please contact us!

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. We also accept electronic fund transfers and cheques.

Do you offer long-term storage solutions for businesses?

Yes, we do! Our co-warehouse is home to over 50 businesses and we would be happy to help your business find a permanent solution.

Do you require minimum shipping volumes?

No, we do not. Our goal is to help you save time and money whether you’re shipping low or high volumes of goods.

What type of items do you ship?

We work with many industries and can ship almost any item! As long as they are not on our restricted list. Click here to see restrictions.

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