Our Purpose.

TradeSpace was designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We understand that running a business can be challenging because we have been there too. One of the biggest barriers and risk for an entrepreneur is a long term lease. Whether it’s warehouse space or office space, getting locked-in to a contract is scary. At the same time, as your business grows, you need the flexibility to scale. That’s flexibility in space for your materials, inventory and team. We created TradeSpace for entrepreneurs like ourselves, a space to work-store-collaborate and to build a thriving community.

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It all started from an encounter.

Founders Daniel Delgado and Jordan Tetreau met at a seminar for entrepreneurs, hosted by a co-working space. They quickly found common ground, as an Engineer and General Contractor would. Neither felt that they really fit in or thrived at the trendy co-working spaces. They wanted to be surrounded by other people in trade, construction and business. More than that, Jordan also really needed a space to store all his tools and materials because his garage was too full. Daniel and Jordan talked about how wonderful it would be if there was a space to work with other entrepreneurs, to bounce ideas and give each other solutions for the challenges they often came across. A space with warehouse storage that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and was customizable to businesses of all sizes. Sadly there was no space like this.

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If the solution doesn’t exist, build it!

In April 2018, the first co-warehouse in Canada was born. TradeSpace offered 10,000 square feet of warehouse space for construction companies to securely store their materials and collaborate with others in the same industry. As more and more entrepreneurs discovered what TradeSpace had to offer, the members expanded from trades and construction to light manufacturing and an explosion of e-commerce businesses. When you build it, they will come but only when it’s a real solution to a real problem.

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Our mission.

To enable the full potential of our members. TradeSpace is dedicated to providing a space where entrepreneurs don’t just survive, they thrive! We do this with flexible solutions and add-on support services that help you scale your business. More than that, we connect you with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will inspire you, each and every day.

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Our promise.

TradeSpace is ever-changing because that’s the reality of business: never stagnant. Your business needs will change and that will influence our innovation. We promise to continuously look for ways to improve our space and our service offering to help your business succeed. Together, we are reimagining how to work-store-collaborate.

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