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Join Our Mission at TradeSpace – We're Hiring a Community Lead!

About TradeSpace:

At TradeSpace, we don't just provide workspace solutions; we cultivate environments where creativity and collaboration thrive. As a forward-thinking company, we are on a mission to build not only spaces but also a community where every member can achieve their fullest potential.

Who We're Looking For:

We're seeking a Community Lead who embodies more than the traditional team player—someone who is a true team contributor. This role demands a person who is proactive and enthusiastic, an innovator and motivator who thrives in a dynamic environment and is passionately driven to lead. It's designed for the go-getters, those who are eager to take initiative and contribute meaningfully to our mission.At TradeSpace, we value individuals who bring exceptional talent in customer service, communication, problem-solving and leadership.This position is not for everyone; it's for contributors who are committed to making a lasting impact.

Do you have talent?

We're looking for a Community Lead with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills to inspire teams and forge strong relationships. You'll need sharp problem-solving abilities to quickly address issues, enhancing member satisfaction and retention. Empathy and a customer-centric approach are critical for understanding and meeting member needs.

Adaptability and technical proficiency are essential to manage evolving role demands and utilize our CRM systems effectively. Strong negotiation skills are also important for closing deals and resolving conflicts favorably.

If you're persistent, resilient, and driven by continuous improvement,If you love to lead, take initiative and contribute with the help of others whenever something needs to be done you could be the ideal candidate to lead and innovate within our TradeSpace community.

Your performance will be measured based on:

  1. Helping to acquire new members by performing tours.
  2. Helping retain existing members and facilitating their expansion.
  3. Supporting other community assistants to succeed to achieve 1 & 2. Leading the way.
  4. Ability to support management to implement solutions whenever challenges arise.

Role Overview:

As a Community Lead, you'll ensure exceptional support and engagement for our members, driving satisfaction and retention, also helping the community team to succeed at their role. Other Community assistants would come to you for guidance and support. You would be supporting management to develop new processes and enhance what is working and rethink what might not work anymore in order to serve our collective goals. This is not a typical 9-to-5 job. We're looking for someone ready to take ownership of their role and actively contribute to our team and mission. Your work will have a direct impact on our community's success, and your innovative solutions will help shape the future of TradeSpace.

Our Team composition:

Community Assistants: These front-line staff are focusing on acquiring new members and current member retention. This includes interactions with members, managing requests, organizing events, and conducting tours, ensuring a welcoming and supportive community atmosphere. Reports to Community Lead.

Warehouse Associates: Our warehouse team is responsible for ensuring daily warehouse operations run smoothly. Their focus is to help retain members by providing the highest level of service every day. They help keep our spaces tour ready at all times for new member acquisitions. Reports to Community Lead and Operations Manager.

Community Lead: Performs  community assistant role, with a focus on leading member retention and acquisition, as well as the team and enhancing the community function,as well as support to management. Reports to Operations Manager.

Operations Manager: Oversees the entire operational spectrum of TradeSpace  Reports to CEO.

Key Responsibilities/ Main focus:

Member Acquisition:

  • Lead tours for potential members: Conduct engaging and informative tours for potential members, showcasing the value of TradeSpace in order to educate new members of the value we provide.
  • Monitor the existing deals: Keep a close watch on all ongoing negotiations and sales processes to ensure timely progress, support the community assistant.
  • Follow up: After the tours, maintain contact with potential members, providing additional information and answering any questions to nudge them towards the membership
  • Close the sales: Close deals by negotiating the terms that meet both the needs of the member and objective of TradeSpace, ensuring smooth transition from prospect to member.

Member Retention:

  • Onboarding new members: Provide an onboarding process for new members to familiarize them with our facilities, services, and community, ensuring they feel welcomed and valued from day one and making the transition seamless.
  • Member experience management: Actively manage the member experience by:
  • Request and Issue Resolution: Promptly and efficiently address member requests and resolve issues to prevent any disruptions in their workspace experience.
  • Inventory Monitoring: Regularly check and restock essential supplies such as coffee, printer materials, and snacks to keep the workspace functional and comfortable.
  • Member Engagement: Understand who our members are, what do they do, if they are facing any challenges. Identify what can be done to improve their experience.
  • Day to day troubleshooting: Be on hand to quickly troubleshoot and resolve any day-to-day issues that arise, whether they're technical problems like printer malfunctions or facility-related issues like a needed repair, ensuring minimal impact on the daily operations and member productivity.

Leading community team:

  • Team coordination and support: Oversee the community team by setting clear objectives, organizing regular meetings, and providing the necessary support to help each team member excel at their tasks.
  • Resource allocation: Ensure that resources, from manpower to materials, are appropriately allocated according to the community's operational needs.
  • Performance monitoring: Regularly assess the performance of community team members through both formal evaluations and informal one to one sessions.

Skills we are looking for:


Communication, Storytelling, Active listening, presentation, negotiation, curiosity, jugement, relation building

Customer experience:

Empathy, Adaptability, Ability to Use Positive Language, Clear Communication Skills, Patience 


Conflict resolution, resource management, planning, critical thinking, guidance


  • Proven leadership abilities and excellent communication skills.
  • Experience in sales or customer service, preferably in a co-warehousing or shared workspace environment.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to operate effectively in a fast-paced setting.
  • Technical proficiency, capable of managing various digital tools and platforms.


  • Minimum: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Preferred: Associate or bachelor’s degree in hospitality, business administration, or related field. Certifications in customer service or operations are a plus.

What You Can Expect:

  • Dynamic and Impactful Role: Step into a challenging position where your skills and talents directly contribute to achieving TradeSpace’s mission and objectives. This role will put your abilities to the test every day, pushing you to leverage your full potential.
  • Real-World Challenges: Expect to interact daily with business owners, each bringing their unique needs and perspectives. Not every day will be straightforward, and not all answers will be readily available, presenting real challenges that require real solutions.
  • Growth and Development: We are committed to your personal and professional growth. You'll have access to ongoing training and development opportunities, particularly in leadership and customer service excellence, to help you grow as a professional.
  • Supportive and Progressive Environment: Join a team and company in constant pursuit of improvement. You’ll find a like-minded and supportive group of colleagues who are all driven by the same goal to innovate and excel.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Start with a competitive base salary of $65,000 annually, complemented by performance incentives that recognize and reward your contributions. Benefit from a comprehensive package that includes a pension plan, health insurance, and much more, ensuring your peace of mind as you help us grow.

A Day in the Life of Our Community Lead

Your day begins early, ensuring the facility is operational and primed for the day's activities. You start by reviewing the CRM to prepare for upcoming tours, doing the research about the company for the upcoming tour,  making sure you can address the specific needs of the prospective members.

As the workspace buzzes to life, you're at the forefront—greeting members, coordinating meeting rooms, and managing the flow of mail and packages. Your goal is not just to solve problems but to create an environment where productivity and collaboration flourish.

Mid-morning, you tackle a crucial task: a valued member considers leaving. You engage in a thoughtful conversation to understand their concerns and brainstorm solutions, aiming to demonstrate the continued value of staying within the community.

Amidst managing daily operations, you receive a call from a community assistant at another location, who's facing difficulties with a demanding member scenario. She's unsure how to handle their repeated complaints about printer issues which have been technically resolved. You guide her through the process of handling the complaints, setting up a meeting with the member, and preparing a detailed report of the actions taken.

Suddenly, you're notified of a staffing hiccup—one of the community assistants of a different building can't make it tomorrow. How would you go about it?  You need someone to cover tomorrow. Around the same time, an external challenge arises—an upset neighbor calls about an obstruction caused by one of your events. How would you handle that?.

In the afternoon, your focus shifts to an underperforming team member, who has been missing tours and being late to work. You schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss his performance, discovering he has been struggling with the recent CRM software update.

In the afternoon, you dive into a strategic meeting with the sales and marketing teams.You discuss refining the sales process, bringing in fresh ideas to streamline execution and enhance how we present value to overcome objections.

As the day winds down, you ensure that all new sales deals are thoroughly reviewed and that each new member feels welcomed and informed. You make notes to follow up on specific details the next day. Before leaving, you perform a final walk-through, setting up for tomorrow’s activities, ensuring everything remains in top condition for another productive day.


As you consider stepping into the role of Community Lead at TradeSpace, here’s a realistic glimpse of what to expect, reflecting the true essence of our work culture and the path ahead:

Is this just an 8 to 5 job? No. Given the nature of managing a vibrant community space, the demands can extend beyond the typical workday. You might find yourself addressing urgent needs or unexpected events, which requires prompt attention and action.

Is it challenging? Absolutely. The role demands robust leadership and problem-solving skills to manage diverse scenarios, from daily operations to emergency situations. You’ll need to think on your feet and use your full array of talents to ensure community safety and satisfaction.

Can it be frustrating? Yes. Managing a dynamic community space means occasionally facing situations where solutions are not immediately obvious or disruptions occur unexpectedly. These moments can be stressful, but they are also opportunities for learning and strengthening your leadership abilities.

Will you grow? Definitely. This role will push you to develop a wide range of skills, from strategic thinking and crisis management to effective communication and team leadership. Your experiences at TradeSpace will broaden your capabilities and deepen your professional expertise.

Will you feel valued? Most certainly. Every action you take and decision you make as a Community Lead impacts the entire community. We deeply value the dedication and effort you bring, ensuring you feel integral to our mission and to every success we achieve together.

Our Vision to the future:

At TradeSpace, we envision a future where TradeSpace co-warehouses are a staple in every major city across North America. Our goal is to create vibrant, shared workspaces that foster creativity and collaboration among diverse professionals. By expanding geographically, we aim to cultivate a supportive community culture in every location, empowering our members to connect, learn, and thrive. Ultimately, we seek to transform the way people work, making each TradeSpace a hub of innovation and productivity that enriches its community.

We are committed not only to the growth of our company but also to the personal and professional development of each and every team member, ensuring that as we grow, we all grow together.

Think You're the Right Fit? Here's How to Join Us:


Now that you’ve read about what to expect, take a moment to reflect. Are you the right person for this role? Do you have the talent and the skills needed? Assess whether the position aligns with your long-term career goals and if you are truly passionate about the responsibilities and challenges it entails.

Step 01: Submit Your Application

If you believe you’re a match, we encourage you to apply. Complete our online application form to submit your resume and any other relevant materials. Be sure to highlight your skills and experiences that directly relate to the role you’re applying for. Note that we might also request a few assignments to confirm your proficiency for the position.

Step 02: Phone Conversation

Our talent acquisition team reviews every application thoroughly. If your application aligns with our needs, you will be contacted for a phone conversation. This step helps us understand your background and skills better and provides an opportunity for you to learn more about TradeSpace's culture and values.

Step 03: Interview Process

If the phone conversation goes well, you’ll be invited to engage in more in-depth interviews with our team members and hiring managers. This is not just about assessing your fit for the team but also about giving you a clearer view of our work environment and what your future at TradeSpace might look like.

Step 04: Spend A Day With TradeSpace

For candidates who excel in the interview process, we offer the chance to spend a day with us at TradeSpace. This experience is designed to help both you and us make an informed decision about how well the role aligns with your career aspirations and if you are the right fit for our team dynamics.

Step 05: Job Offer

Congratulations are in order if you’ve made it this far! Successful candidates will receive a formal job offer to become part of the TradeSpace team. We celebrate your potential and look forward to seeing the contributions you will bring.

Don't just search for another job! Seek a role that offers more—a chance to be part of something greater. At TradeSpace, you'll find a journey that not only challenges you but also enriches your professional life, providing opportunities to make a real difference. Are you ready to step up and impact our community?

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