rules and policies
Last update date: may 2024

Rules and Policies for Events.

  • Event Hours (unless otherwise requested)
    • Weekdays: After 6 PM - 2 AM
    • Weekends: All Day - 2 AM
  • Various types of events are allowed, including but not limited to networking mixers, educational workshops, art exhibitions, community events and professional celebrations.
    • Events that may be deemed as disruptive (e.g., concerts, sporting events, large-scale parties) are not allowed.
  • Event space is only secured when the event payment + security deposit has been received.
  • Full refunds are permitted for events canceled 48 hours prior (event payment + security deposit) back. Events canceled within 48 hours will only get refunded the event payment.
  • Events canceled within 48 hours will only get refunded the event payment.
  • Alcohol is allowed, but a liquor license must be present for the duration of the event. (license can be applied here)
    • TradeSpace employees can also help event organizers apply for a liquor license for an additional charge.

Please Avoid the Following:

  • Excessive Drinking: While alcoholic beverages may be allowed, excessive drinking that leads to disruptive behavior is not permitted.
  • Smoking or Open Flames: Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited inside the building and within 10m of the premises. Vaping and any use of e‑cigarettes is also not permitted.
  • Unauthorized Moving of TradeSpace items: Do not move or rearrange TradeSpace items without the permission of TradeSpace community assistant.
  • Unauthorized Entry: Keep guests within the designated event area and prevent access to marked restricted areas (warehouse and offices).
  • Unauthorized Decor: Any decor that may damage TradeSpace property is prohibited (e.g., anything that needs to hang from the ceiling, damage the paint/wall, etc)
  • Blocking Emergency Exits: Ensure that emergency exits remain clear at all times for the safety of all guests.
  • No pets allowed: Pets are prohibited to be in the event space to ensure cleanliness and enforce safety of all guests; unless they are certified service animals.

Event Organizers and Event Guest Must Do the Following:

  • Follow Capacity: Keep the event at a capacity of 200 persons standing (125 persons seated)
  • Respect TradeSpace property: respect the chairs, plants, and other items in the event space. Return all items to their designated space as instructed by TradeSpace staff after your event.
  • Follow Setup Instructions: Set up your event according to the guidelines provided by TradeSpace staff. This ensures the safety of both guests and the indoor garden.
  • Use Approved Decor: If you plan to bring decorations, ensure they are approved by TradeSpace staff to avoid damage to the space.)
  • Keep Pathways Clear: Maintain clear pathways for guests to move around the space and get to an exit quickly if needed.
  • Dispose of Waste Properly: Use designated bins for waste disposal. Do not leave trash in the garden area.
  • Respect Noise Levels: Keep noise levels at a reasonable volume under 80 dB (if the event is during business hours) to respect others in the space.
  • Monitor Guest Behavior: Ensure that guests are respectful of the indoor garden space and its surroundings.
  • Communicate with Staff: Keep lines of communication open with TradeSpace community assistant/staff before, during, and after the event for any assistance or concerns.
  • Kids are allowed, but must be supervised at all times.