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Unlocking potential through long-term leasing.

At TradeSpace, we offer bespoke leasing solutions that cater to both property owners and businesses seeking stable, long-term occupancy. Our approach centers on creating mutually beneficial lease agreements that ensure sustainability and profitability for all parties involved.

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Who is this for?

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Landlords Seeking Reliable Tenants
Ideal for property owners looking for stable, long-term leasing arrangements.
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Businesses in Need of Long-Term Spaces
Suitable for businesses seeking dependable leasing solutions that offer stability and growth opportunities


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Long-Term Occupancy

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Tenant Improvement (TI) Incentives

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Flexible Rent Structures

Ourleasing process.


Property Selection.

Identifying properties that align with our stringent criteria for high potential spaces.


Negotiation and Agreement.

Crafting lease agreements that balance the needs and expectations of both landlords and tenants.


Customization and

Working closely with tenants to customize spaces as per their operational needs.


Criteria for leasing.

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Property Specifications
We focus on leasing properties that have the potential for high utilization, including industrial, commercial, and retail spaces.
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Lease Term Requirements
Our leases typically range from 10 to 15 years, providing stability and long-term growth potential for both parties.

Prequalification for leasing.

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Financial Assessment
Evaluating the financial health and stability of potential tenants or landlords.
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Compatibility Check
Ensuring the property and tenant/landlord goals are aligned with TradeSpace’s leasing model.
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Long-Term Viability
Assessing the long-term prospects of the leasing arrangement to ensure enduring success.

Frequentlyasked questions.

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How are the lease terms, including TI incentives and free rent periods, determined?

Lease terms, including Tenant Improvement (TI) incentives and free rent periods, are carefully determined based on a collaborative negotiation between TradeSpace and the property owner or tenant. Factors influencing these terms include the market conditions, the specific requirements of the property, the extent of improvements needed, and the business model of the tenant. Our aim is to create a win-win scenario, ensuring that the lease terms are beneficial and sustainable for all parties involved.

What support does TradeSpace provide during the lease term?

During the lease term, TradeSpace provides extensive support to ensure a smooth and efficient leasing experience. This support includes assistance with the initial setup and customization of the leased space, ongoing maintenance and property management services, and responsive customer service to address any queries or issues. Our team is committed to maintaining high standards of property management to ensure tenant satisfaction and property upkeep.

How does TradeSpace ensure the sustainability of its leasing solutions?

Sustainability in our leasing solutions is ensured through several key practices. Firstly, we select and maintain properties that are conducive to long-term use and offer potential for efficient operations. Secondly, we establish lease agreements that are balanced and fair, considering the long-term interests of both tenants and property owners. Finally, we engage in proactive property management and tenant relations to anticipate and address issues before they become significant, ensuring enduring and mutually beneficial leasing arrangements.

At TradeSpace, we believe in creating leasing solutions that go beyond the transactional, fostering long-term relationships that drive mutual success. Discover how our innovative leasing strategies can work for you.

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